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Along with the taps, the toilet seat is the most significant risk surface in a toilet. You know that public toilets are generally unhygienic. The idea that four, five or more strangers have gone before you is enough to put you off using the toilet unless you really have to – however well the attendant keeps his toilet clean.
Toly helps assure your customers of hygiene when they are away from home. An example is the Toly toilet seat cover: the solution for a visit to a public toilet. They are made from environmentally-friendly recycled paper and automatically flush away after you use the toilet. Besides the toilet seat covers, we have numerous other hygienic solutions to choose from!

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Hygien For Kids

Thanks to Toly Kids, children can go to the toilet safely. The toilet seat covers are extra large so that their little hands do not come into contact with the toilet seat. They also have a fun design. This helps children learn to be hygiene-aware in a fun way. The range consists of toilet seat covers, bibs, wet wipes and sick bags (including wet wipe).