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EARRS provides a wide range of high-quality earrings products and accessories which are anti-allergenic nickel free earrings and studs

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Our collection of earrings is specifically designed for wearers with metal sensitivity limitations. Earrs Inc. provides sterling silver hoop earrings, stainless steel, and gold-filled solutions for allergic reactions to earring-related jewellery. We strive to provide timeless and classic styles with a fashionable touch for all to enjoy.


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Earrs Self Piercing Kit

Earrs disposable ear / nose piercing cartridges are anti-allergy as they are Nickel, Lead and cadmium free. They are also safe, sterile quick and pain free. The unique spring-action design makes piercing so easy.


Cubic Zirconia is jewellery used as an alternative to diamonds and other gemstones. Cubic Zirconia is a man-made substance and not a mineral. it is much less expensive than your everyday diamonds, however, the brilliance and crystal clarity of it makes it a great alternative to diamonds which cost fortunes to own


We have a large collection of Surgical Stainless Steel Post Earrings plated in 22K gold.which are allergy free and available for baby to adults sized ears


A pearl is a hard, glistening object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc or another animal. The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but many other shapes, known as the baroque pearl can occur. The finest quality of natural pearls has been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries.

Birth Stone

Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance. ... Birthstones are a part of modern society and since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

Tiny Ears

Have a glittering spot for our tiny Blessings provides a stunning array of earrings that are perfect for your little angel. Our pearls, stones, and studs are made in the ideal sizes and shapes for babies and children, so you can find a pair that are beyond compare and that are allergy free.


We have a large collection of accessories associated with earings. like studs, cleaners, ear cushions etc... check out the products for more

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We provide our customer’s allergy free high-quality earrings, self piercing kits and accessories which are guaranteed that the colour will not fade away

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